How to Embed Google Calendar on your website

If you include one of your “Google Calendars” on your website, colleagues can see at a glance when you are available. Of course, in this case you should refrain from precise descriptions such as location, as the information is publicly accessible on the Internet.

  • Open the Google Calendar web interface.
  • Select one of your calendars from the left bar and click on the arrow next to the entry. In the selection, click on “Calendar Settings”.
  • In the “Calendar Details” you will now find the option “Embed this calendar”. First copy the text from the field.
  • You can now paste the copied text at the desired location on your website. Also most homepage kits support the code of the Google calendar.

Tip: You can still change the size with the two properties “height” and “width” in the Google Calendar link. To do this, you only need to change the numbers from 600 to 1000, for example.


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