Almost everyone that uses Flash-files in or as a website uses the swfobject.js to have the Flash file activated on page load in Internet Explorer, eliminating the need to have the component clicked first by the visitor. The use of it is even recommended by Adobe. I’ve been using that javascript for some time now and it works great.

Yet yesterday we noticed a very strange behaviour with one of our latest Flash websites in Internet Explorer only. When using the javascript like usual to activate the Flash component, somehow the Shift and Alt buttons got ignored by the swf and since many commonly used characters (especially on a Belgian azerty keyboard) can only be typed by using those buttons we had some serious issue. People had to fill in their e-mail address but they couldn’t type the “@” sign anymore.

So far I haven’t found anyone on the net with a similar problem, neither some information that could point me to a possible solution. Seems like a bug to me. In the meantime we’ll just have to disable the use of swfobject.
Anyhow, it seems that Mircosoft will release an IE update soon, changing the way ActiveX is handled like it was back in 2006. It’s about time and they should never have changed it in the first place.