I had promised it for quite a while, and unfortunately things got delayed time after time, but finally I’ve managed to wrap things up and complete my Zend Framework module for generating QR codes in both raster and vector format.
In the end I refactored almost all the code to be more consistent with the architecture of the existing Zend_Barcode library (with a couple of differences however), so that took also a bit longer than anticipated.

I’ve released it as an open-source project on Google Code, so feel free to check it out:

You can also download the latest revision (r9) right here.

Any feedback is appreciated, and if you’d like to contribute, please let me know. It would be nice if other matrixcode formats could be added, f.i. Aztec Code or Data Matrix. The renderers do not need any changes as long as the 2D code format consists of square modules. Just pass them a two-dimensional array with boolean values and you should get the expected result.

Also be sure to check the Issues page as there is still a known bug with the encoding of a specific kind of string. Still need to figure that one out.

Hope you enjoy it.