Hi, my name is Peter Minne and I’m based in Gent, Belgium. From the kind of topics I talk about on this blog, you might have found out already that I’m a web developer and an occasional web designer. I’ve got my first programming experience when I was studying industrial engineering in Gent (mostly C++ and Java) but during my thesis project I found my way to PHP.

After receiving my master degree in informatics I ended up in an outsourcing company working on different projects. Some of those projects involved intensive PHP programming, stimulating my interest in web applications more and more. As I discovered that Flash, CSS, Javascript and DHTML could improve the user experience significantly, I started reading books, articles and tutorials on those subjects.
In 2006 I took the scary decision to become self-employed and work as a full time web developer. Since then projects only got bigger and the first employees came soon, so the office (basically the extension of my bedroom) had to move to a bigger and more commercial location.

While running FutureProof I try to keep up with all the new and evolving technologies that pop up at a blasting speed. My main interest right now goes out to the improvement of usability and user experience, and development on top of open-source frameworks. Besides all that I just love to think about new web concepts. The web is an amazing playground for creative and innovating minds.

Well, this was a bit awkward to write my own bio. I hope I didn’t bore you too much with it.
Thanks for reading.


  • 安全な電力平準化と金


  • 安全な電力平準化と金

    私 誠実 謝罪 への感謝を表現するいないため 早く

  • TERA RMT (4 years)


    あなた 行ってA 素敵仕事

  • 安全な電力平準化と金

    私たち自身 誠実 謝罪 いないため 以前

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