There is this weekly repetitive task I really hate: paying bills. Obviously because I prefer money going in the other direction, but also ’cause it’s so incredibly boring and time-consuming that for every transfer you have to type in the amount, the reference number and often the beneficiary details as well.

ScashingA few weeks ago, the Belgian bank KBC launched an app that allows you to manage your account on your phone. Let’s ignore for a second the fact that their password requirements force you to come up with an unsafe password, and let’s focus on a cool built-in feature called “scashing” instead: you can complete a money transfer between you and someone else using nothing but your phone (iOS or Android). The app makes use of a QR code to present all required data so that the other person can scan it with his own phone, using that same application. That’s all it takes. Really simple and convenient!

Now coming back to my initial sighing. Why can’t they apply that same concept to bills/invoices and print a QR code on each of those containing the data you would normally have to type in yourself. Then it would be just a matter of scanning, confirming, and done! I would love to pay my bills like that!
I can imagine bank managers are having a tough time right now struggling with their self-assembled Ponzi scheme, but I have good hope that in the near future one of them will see the light and eventually launch this idea.