When I was creating the WordPress theme for a blog last week, I had to conclude once again that file naming is something that could use a little more attention. Too often I see file names that just don’t make a lot of sense.
In the case of WordPress themes, by convention you need to name your stylesheet “style.css”. The thing is that the “css” extension already states that the file is a stylesheet, so why name it “style”? I would never name my spreadsheet “spreadsheet.xls”, of my text files “text.txt”. These are actually pleonasms, like white snow or cold ice.
As for stylesheets, I prefer some naming like “website.css”, “cms.css”, “global.css”, or “reset.css”. A name that actually tells you something about the purpose/content instead of the obvious.

Zend Famework now has a similar convention. The default layout view should be called “layout.phtml”, located in the directory “layouts”. Eeehm, when a file resides in a folder “layouts”, you might expect it do be a layout file, right? So why name it “layout”? Wouldn’t “default” be a much better choice then (like how it was back in ZF 1.7)?

Well, maybe I’m whining over a detail here, but to me things have to make sense, even the little details. Or am I failing to see the logic in these aforementioned naming conventions?