Apple MobileMeToday I decided to try out the new MobileMe service of Apple (previously known as .Mac). There were some features that sounded pretty interesting and useful, so time to give it a shot.

The service can be used 60 days for free. After that period it costs $99 or €79. Strange conversion rate that is. With €1 being $1.5 today, €79 equals $120 so I would definitely prefer paying in dollar, however that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Anyhow, I signed up, tried to log in but then: “Invalid member name or password”. Huh? I was sure my account data was correct because I had no problem logging on to the MobileMe service on my MacBook (on the System Preferences panel). A search on the net made clear that many people had the same issue. How can Apple launch a service where it’s not even possible to log on? So my first impression was “rubbish”. Luckily there was a solution to fix the issue, but still, after being online for 2 weeks, how could Apple not have fixed this?

So finally I was able to start using MobileMe and so far I’m quite satisfied with it. Syncing works ok, publishing photos is ridiculously easy and the online interface is pretty slick. Let’s see if I stay that optimistic within a couple of weeks. To be continued.